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"Hi, I would just like to know whether a bedroom closet should be on the same wall as the door?..." - Rach (co******
There are no specific reasons to or not to place the bedroom closet on the same wall as the door. Essentially it boils down to the layout and size of the room as well as the intended design of the room and closet. However, you should avoid placing a bulky protuding closet right beside the door, to create a better sense of spaciousness and to avoid the careless knocks. - {Decors}

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    Headache-Free Moving Advice: 3 Steps Closer to a New Home No matter how many times you do it, moving doesn’t really get any easier. If you have a family, an action figure hobby or pretty much anything other than a minimalist lifestyle, the concept of packing up everything you own into tidy boxes is intimidating.Unless friends and family can rally a fleet of large SUVs, trucks and plenty of muscle, most people have to hire professional movers. That investment alone can be a huge relief, but there’s still the packing…
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  • ezCast
    ezCast Is the available space around your TV console taken up by your Blu-Ray player, DVD player, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Cable set-top box, speakers, and assorted media? Do you have cables entangled around your switches? Do you recoil in horror when you clean the dust off your television and surrounding area? Wouldn’t it be super awesome if there was a gadget that could eliminate wires and messy cables while allowing you to stream and view media? Isn’t it even better…
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  • Try this: Declutter Your Home
    Try this: Declutter Your Home Clutter makes its way into many homes when owners least expect. If you do not have the habit of clearing and cleaning your rooms on a regular basis, things can easily end up stacked all over surfaces and even in gaps and corners. Then, there are the hoarders who believe that things may "come in use some day", and so they hold onto things for far longer than envisioned.Clutter also invites pests like cockroaches and can over time, introduce unwanted…
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  • Clean and maintain your leather sofa
    Clean and maintain your leather sofa Over time, leather can get cracked and lose its luster. However, not all is lost as restoring a leather sofa to its original condition can be a rather painless affair.Cleaning the sofaStart off by using a leather cleaner. Check the instructions on the cleaner. Typical instructions include water dilution of about 1 part cleaner to 5 parts water. Mix the cleaner and water into a squirt bottle applicator and squirt the cleaner onto a microfiber cloth. Be sure to test…
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  • Tips for optimizing small spaces
    Tips for optimizing small spaces (BPT) - The trend toward smaller, more efficient homes is still in full swing, with new home builders offering floor plans that lower square footage while amping up usability. If your home is older, however, or you live in an apartment, your smaller space may just feel ... well, small.Being short on space doesn't mean you have to be short on style or efficiency. Even older small spaces can get an open, useful feel with the right design and decorating…
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  • 2013 hottest home trends and easy upgrades
    2013 hottest home trends and easy upgrades (BPT) - The top home decor trends for 2013 are already emerging, and homeowners seeking a fresh look will find a lot to love. Not only can these looks be accomplished in minimal time - they're budget friendly and easy enough for DIYers to finish in a weekend or less.
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  • 5 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Seem Larger
    5 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Seem Larger Living in land-scarce Singapore, it makes sense to do more with less. Such is the case with our homes being built to an ever smaller footprint while increasingly occupying more vertical height so as to fit more families under one block. Naturally, our rooms decrease in size as we all learn to live with the given dimensions.Now, your rooms may be smaller than your friends and relatives who bought their homes years ago, but fret not. There are tricks that…
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  • Five tips for spring home decorating eco-style
    Five tips for spring home decorating eco-style (BPT) - As spring blossoms, so does our desire to lighten up - in life and at home. Simple eco-friendly changes to home decor can set the tone for a much fresher and brighter outlook.Here are five tips to get you started:Get a color liftColor has long been credited for its mood-changing qualities. "Color can really change the energy in a space," says C. Michael Kleeman, program coordinator of design at The Art Institute of Atlanta. Choose the season's hottest…
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  • You May Own Too Many Things In Your Home
    You May Own Too Many Things In Your Home We humans are naturally fond of seeing and buying things to keep and use in our homes. But sometimes, it can get a little overwhelming. We move into a new home, and before you know it, you're expecting a child. We go to departmental stores and load up on new items and furniture for the young one and perhaps get a new vacuum cleaner, plates, clothes, gadgets and more.Without keeping tabs on items in the home, we may let it…
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  • Frameless Door System & Flying Door Designs
    Frameless Door System & Flying Door Designs The Frameless Door System, as we'll call "FDS" from now, is a neat system to open and close spaces. Equally at home in residential or commercial spaces, the FDS acts as a partition while transforming an open space into a room. The system can be installed at patios, balconies, kitchens, living room, inside a room and just about anywhere feasible. Without a bottom floor track for the system to run on, there is reduced eyesore and operation is real easy…
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